I long for is a good adventure out of this place. Don’t get me wrong I love Brockport but I want something more. I’m really not sure if school is even my thing. Lol i’m saying this being a senior in college lmfao. I love my experiences that I have gained from both schools but I feel as if there has got to be something bettter than this. Maybe that is just my personality though because I’m never satisfied ( i hate that about me ). I just feel as if i dont connect with anyone around me anymore. Everyone wants to go out and party and I’m just doing my own thing running school and netflix lol .

Over the past couple years I have become very independent. It is great, I can do my own thing and don’t have to answer to anyone. Every now and then I would like someone to answer to maybe. But my inabilty to express raw emotion hinders that. I had something great this summer but I fucked it up because I cant express emotions. Ahhh oh well for now ill just “do me” always works out in my favor anyways.